Service & Support


  • Provide pre-sale technical support
  • Help to dispose the machine house and provide suggestions for installation
  • Help to choose genset model, capacity and function


  • Electric connection commission and installation of equipments
  • Environment protection project
  • Residual heat utilization project
  • Fault remedy and difficulty problem explanation
  • Genset mandatory management


  • Onsite training of maintenance and operation
  • Technique upgrade training in the factory
  • Guidance and training in the factory


  • Genset room design, installation, and commissioning Environment protection and soundproof project, heat recovery project
  • Paralleling and synchronization (main power, genset power) project


  • Set up the client record, follow-up service and visit periodically
  • Provide the training to the operator of users periodically
  • Help the operation during holiday or special day
  • Technical support and spare parts support
  • Respond within 30mins after receiving the claim for repair from clients, the service person will be sent within 2hrs
  • Can manage the common fault within 2hrs, and severe malfunction in 8hrs

Service proces